Monday, May 15, 2006

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

The phrase of last week (and the week before) was "Low moral, then get more ale" a sense that was what it was.
Some time last week when I was heading into work, there was a jerk (yes a really really big jerk) decided to stretch his legs out over three seats in the subway. This was during rush hour when people are juet jamming into the car. I'll call him stupidhead for short (cuz his long name consists of vulger profanity that I will choose not to display). So Mr. Stupidhead just sits there and as people glare are him, he makes this "What are YOU looking at?" glare back at people. Finally a fair sized woman (I'll call her Angrylady) asks him to move his legs and Mr. Stupidhead just glares, acts stupid and disregards the request. Angrylady starts telling Mr. Stupidhead how unright he is and how he should be allowing people to get the seat. Someone yells (I'll call him Loudmouth) "I'll call the operator!!". Mr. Stupidhead just continues to sit there and doesn't move an inch. Loudmouth yells again, "I really will press the yellow emergency thing." Mr. Stupidhead yells in response, "This is NOT an emergency so F*** off." This really get's on Angrylady's nerves and well, she just goes to sit down on Mr. Stupidhead's leg. Finally Mr. Stupidhead retracts his legs and starts yelling, shouting, screaming vulgar words. People clap, mr. Stupidhead get's off at the next stop and I shut my eyes to continue my dreams of how I might've just got up and rip Mr. Stupidhead's legs off. In the end, Loudmouth was just loud and didn't really do much.
Something has been bugging me for the longest time and I just wanted to share with the world. Why in the world to people continually move injured spots saying "It really hurts when I do this...." know what.........STOP moving it then. I'm a medical first responder and people tend to get injured, walk up to me and go "It really hurts when I move....." and well, my thought is...."Just stop moving it you doof!!!" but I can't say that aloud. A joke did pass me this weekend pertaining to heart attack or asthma. So if someone walks up to me complaining about heart I tell them not to move the heart?...hmm...that would be quite an interesting conversation piece with my superintendent. But for other injuries, I really really suggest, don't move that spot instead of moving it around going "It really hurts...."
I just can't wait for this week and next week. Major movies galour. The Da Vinci Code will be out this week followed by X-Men: The Last Stand. Considering everyone in the world must have had contact with The Da Vinci Code in one form or another, I think there will be really high bars posed for the movie. I just hope they do a good job of it. As for X-Men, is it really the final movie installment? The Last Stand...hmmmm.........I guess it's just a title and I'm reading too much into it. I can't wait to see the major battle scenes. I have yet to watch Silent Hill. I guess I might have to wait for the DVD to comeout and rent it to watch.
So how did people spend Mother's Day?
I would like to publicly congratulate my coworker Jack and his wife with their 2nd child. He is very healthy and doing well (as I hear).
As a head's up, I have will be getting my new camera later this week (fingers crossed). The Canon S3 IS, so hopefully I can talk more about this later and post some pics that I took.
So I will end this post with something I find very very foolish and a total waste of time. I.T. costumer support for I.T. people. You DON'T ASK OTHER IT PEOPLE THE GENERIC "did you plug in the computer" QUESTION and WASTE VALUABLE TIME. "Just to be sure" is very over rated.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fortication under the what's a who? *READ AT OWN DISCRETION*


So this past Friday, Chris and I went to watch a documentary called "F*CK" written by Steve Anderson. We went to some old run down theatre to watch it. The place was totally packed. I had no idea what I was going to watch because Chris bought the tickets and I didn't bother to look at the synopsis online. I didn't want to spoil the surprise for myself. With no expectations of the movie, I couldn't drop any lower. The documentary was in an interview style with excerpts here and there. Steve interviewed a total of 35 people including both Conservatives and Democrats. Some of the more well known people are: Billy Connolly, Drew Carey, Miss Manners, just to name a few.
The documentary is around 2 hours long and goes through various topics surrounding the word f*ck. They started with the history of the word, or could be the lack of history. There doesn't seem to be a known "inventor" of this word. Different people have different POV on this subject. Some say it's from the word "frichen", some say it's a acronym for "Fornication Under Consent of the King", but the bottom line is that f*ck is mainly used in sex. There are many different usages for the word in sentences, it can take the form of a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, etc. A very very versitile word. There is a political aspect of this in which the speakers have a certain point of view about the use of the word. A lot is debated over the "freedom of speech." Some people find that there is a fine line between freedom and CHAOS. On one side, we have some that say if we are not able to speak freely, then we are not free at all, what kind of democratic place is this? The other side says that there is a fine line and by being a potty mouth, we've stepped over the line. Both sides have their points, but I'm siding more to a side of we should have freedom of speech, but in front of certain audience, we must clamp down our mouths and lock away the toilets. There is one thing that I'm 50/50 on, in today's world, especially the entertainment world, most movies and some sitcoms have vulgar words spoken (some even try to out-potty-mouth other movies). I'm not sure what I'm for in the realms of Hollywood. Finally it was very very interesting to see Ron Jeremy (major Pr0nstar) and Miss Manner's in the same interview. Over all, I believe that this documentary was very entertaining and also informative.
*******SPOILER OVER*********

This weekend zoomed by like a breeze. I went to watch MI3 on Saturday, it was good. 8.5/10, Cruise can actually act (Sorry to all the Cruise lovers out there, it's how I feel). After MI3 my friends and I all went home to play Settlers with the expansions. Wonderful evening of rage and fraustration. Technically I sat there and rolled the dice all night long.
I would like to congratulate Mark Leslie for making it on the C-List for Blogerity.
I would also like to congratulate both Ant and Shirley on their engagement 4 days ago (which I just found out). It is such a wonderful thing, being engaged, planning for the wedding, getting all worked up. Then *BOOM* in 24 hours time of the wedding day, all the sweat and blood that was poured into it comes and goes. Weeeeeee.....lots to look forward to.
This morning coming into the office was a nice walk in the sun because NO STREETCAR IN SIGHT!!!! I'm quite fed up with the transit system here. The continually increase in cost and the lack of transit is some vicious downward spiral I think. They don't get enough money, so they can't provide the service, so they raise the price, people are driven away because of the price and because we aren't given the service we want, so they get even less it continues...this is really really...REALLY pathetic.
I would also like to mention that I'm now officially a Corporal (in training) of my St. John Ambulance division. I'm really really excited.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh Sleep! It is a gentle thing

So I did the thing I chuckle at on subways when I see it last night. As I was dozing off on the subway ride home, I did the bad 3v1l thing. Everynight when I head home on the subway, I sit down, hug my bag with my arms crossed behind the backstraps, tilt my head down and drift off to the land of OZ. Last night, like any other night, I drifted and found my yellow brick road. Seemingly like an instant, the Wicked Witch of the West flies down and smacks me on the head, I hear a screetching sound of the brakes going off and I am tossed to the left where my head lands comfortably on something soft. I slowly open my eyes and look at the soft cusion that I landed on, there he was, a buffed up gentleman that glared at me as I quickly retracted my head from his shoulder. I mumbled my sorry, and quickly shut my eyes in hopes that I can find my yellow brick road again, hopefully Dorthy's there waiting still.....cuz I think I'm the scarecrow now.
Two of my WoW buddies will be leaving tomorrow morning as of 9am. It is a sad thing. I feel like there's a hole inside me now. But things will be ok, they will be fine.
Ok, this is the second time in my life that I've been called upon as a reference. This is the first time that a person has actually called me to ask me questions. Wow, it really seemed like they were interviewing me instead. "What are his strengths and weaknesses?" "Why do you think he would be a good candidate for the company?.......yadda yadda...ha ha ha......shouldn' t I just apply for the job right there?....oh wait...I already have a job.......I think.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

There is no old age, There is, as there always was, just you

It's been two days since my date of birth.....something another mumbling.....can't sing like barenaked ladies........mumble grumble. I don't feel any different. People have been asking me, so how does it feel to be another year older? You know what? Since I see myself everyday, I don't really notice much's not like the moment that it hit midnight I suddenly spin a cocoon, incubate for a few seconds and spring out anew. But I guess it's the thing to ask.

It twas a sad day yesterday. I received news from my coworker that Mister Bunny had kick the can. After 11 years, Mister Bunny finally was too old to continue. Mister Bunny guest starred on Darth Tater, and was a crutial part of the Leslie family. After Mark told me that his son tried to feed Mister Bunny a chip, it brought about a bit if a rush of tears thinking of how innocent little Alex was. How to break it to Alex? Mister Bunny......has gone to a far off place, where there is a luscious grass field and boxes of Cherios all over the place. But I smiled, and laughed off the tears before they could escape the clutches of my eyelids. Yes....I am emotional. I get touched by such things. My condolences.

In other news, this morning during the rush to get to work. It felt like the longest ride ever. As usual, I get on the subway and find a corner seat and fall asleep. I usually wake up a few stops prior to mine and wait to depart. Today, I work up every single stop. I have no understanding was weird. Then at the bus stop, waiting for the streetcar, I stood at the edge of the sidewalk waiting for the streetcar to stop. I walk up to the streetcar door and wait for people to depart. All the people leaving got off the steps and I was about to move forward into the streetcar. A young lady barges through and charges straight into the streetcar. She rams into me and I slam into the pole getting onto the streetcar. She looks back and gives me this "You're in my way" stare. Everyone mumbles something, an elderly lady asks if I'm ok. I proceed onto the streetcar to my stop, three blocks to the west.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Destiny is no matter of chance

This weekend was a nice relaxing sunny..........who am I was total CHAOS. But that's for me to know and you to find out. Had a b-day party on Saturday which was also a farewell party for two friends that will be going back to Hong Kong to permanently stay there. This would mean that the spine of our group is gone and also the spine of my WoW group too.

The really hillarious thing was last night's dinner at a Steakhouse starting with a B and kinda sounds French because it has this accent thingy on it. Anyhow, we're greated with a really perky waitress "Joyce" telling me that the wait will be 20-30 minutes, maybe less. Since it was getting late already, I decided to wait. In that period of waiting time, the chef came out and told Joyce to erase one of the specials of the day because they're out. I had a bad feeling already.
So we headed on in after only waiting for 15 minutes. It was really good. We sat down in a "car-seat" spot. Our server's name was Vincent and he reminds me of a friend I once knew in HS. We started off with some crunchie oily croutons and bread. While waiting for my brother and fiancee to arrive, a group in the middle of the restaurant bursted into a chant of "Happy birthday". They clapped like monkeys after performing a trick after the singing.....and the "Oo Oo Ahh Ahh" too.
Well, finally my brother arrives and we start to place our order. As a usual, I go for the 24 oz. Prime Rib, Vincent then says "Oh, I forgot to mention that we're out of Prime Rib", alright then "Can I have the Steak then?" Vincent continues with "Oh yeah, we're out of that too....."........OKIE DOKIE.....we're at a steakhouse and we don't have Prime Rib or STEAK!?!?!?!......WTF?!?!?! Ok, this is when I got up with my BFG and shoved it down the waiter's throat and eyed him 2 inches from his face, breathing heavily on his face and bluging my eyes out so that he could see how bloodshot they are.........ok, that didn't happen but I was thinking that. We said "Could we have a few more minutes then?" When Vincent went to serve another table, we had a discussion of leaving the joint stay. We ended up staying and had pigs and aquatic stuff......should've gone to Bed Bobster's instead.......
So throughout dinner, people were singing Happy B-Day left right and centre. Then I hear from behind me....someone singing Happy me......?!?!.....What the? Turns out...someone with my exact name...and b-day sat behind me........what are the odds of that happening. Maybe he's some evil twin of mine from another dimension...hmmm....should I turn around and meet him? Or do I dig a hole?..........Option #2 it I whimpered away......I wish I met him would've been an interesting conversation...or openner "Hi, I'm YOU...and YOU'RE ME......happy b-day."