Monday, July 31, 2006

I wanna cry if I want to....

Today is the first day without Mark here. And there was NO rejoicing.

I would like to take the next few minutes in silence as we all share in mourning.

And now a big round of applause for Mark's decision to join his local University's bookstore as the manager. And there was much rejoicing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rain Drain's the Brain

This was supposed to be posted a week ago, but I've been way too busy to finish this blog. I feel like just writing something right now. Some really big changes have happened recently in my life and it's quite a twist........well, I might just finish my posting from last week and I'll blog about life changes tomorrow...or the day after....

I've always said that once it rains or snows, people lose the ability to drive.

Although last night wasn't raining, I could say that the gas prices dropped a bit (by 5 cents) and people were swarming gas stations like hungry vultures on carcuses (sorry for the horrible visual/graphical display....but you'll understand in a bit why). So I chose one of the lineups that was shorter and did the gas station waiting dance. Inch forward, turn off ignition, turn on ignition, inch forward, repeat...lather until you get to the pumping station itself. My car was 3rd in line when a blue jaguar pulled into the pumping station I was in line for. The person that was "supposed" to be next got out of the car and told the blue jaguar dude to back off. Everyone in our line had been waiting for 30 minutes and Mr. Jaguar here thinks that it's a do-not-need-to-line-up system. So Mr. Jaguar stands there and doesn't move, Mr. Angry holds onto the pump so Mr. Jaguar can't get his gas. After another 10 minutes and me going to another line, a lady steps out of her car and starts yelling at Mr. Jaguar. Then more people get out of their cars to tell Mr. Jaguar to go away. Finally, after another 15 minutes, I'm pumping in gas, they resolve the issue by Mr. Jaguar cursing and cussing while driving off to another line. People clap. And there was much rejoicing.

Finally...I can post this........

Monday, July 03, 2006

Justice is Blind, and PMSing too

So it seems that there is some labour law that says we can not be relieved of our job because we refuse to do OT. Really? But I guess we just do OT because we're such great team players. The only setback is that we aren't really compensated for our OT. Oh well, I'm just happy I have a job I guess. Many many more years ahead of me.

I've been on youTube lately watching a lot of funny videos that people from different University/College and game fanatics have posted. One in particular has really caught my liking because it has a really catchy tune on it. Viewers/Listeners advised, mature subject matter. It's called "Not just another Love Story". With all jokes and all, I really do think the premise of the song to be oh SOOoooooo very true. With all the weak laws surrounding the internet and all, no wonder it's a huge spawning ground for such piracy. I would like to add that this was a parody of something from Avenue Q.

On a side note to the above, new technology surrounding disc media that stores a lot more. The two competing brands to see the market are the Blu-Ray Disc and HD DVD. BRD (backed by Sony, Disney, Apple, etc.) is capable of holding 25Gigs while the HD (backed by Toshiba, Intel, Microsoft, etc.) will have three different versions, the single (15 Gig), double (30 Gig) and maybe even a TRIPLE (45 Gig......that's the size of my HD a while back). Ok, two points I want to make here, first is.........more space to store "backed-up" **STUFF**.......and second, I just found out that there is going to be one driving factor for which medium will be used commercially (unlike the ZIP drives, BETA, etc.). I would like to thank my gf's good friend Serena for enlightening me on this point. The Pr0n industry actually drives which medium it's going to be. Since they make up a huge portion of the sales for videos, the industry looks towards them for guidance. So here's what I say, Disney and Gates better start visiting the Pr0n lords and enjoy their show, cuz they'll make it or break it. Hmmmm......I'm wondering what kind of movie Disney's going to draw up next? Can anyone say "dōjinshi"? Ok, I'm sorry if I've offended any weak of heart here.

**Mature Flashback Ahead, Read at own risk. You have been warned**
Oh my, this actually triggers a memory of the last workplace that I was at. I used to create weekly newsletters about "What's going on in the company for COOPS." I had people write some columns about their thoughts of their past week and I also had my own comic strip and a column on weekly weird news (that I took from various newsprints). There was a time (also my last posting) that I wrote something about contraceptives and how there was a phone helpline that people could call in and ask for advice on which contraceptive to use. I made a wisecrack about who in the world would call into this because my immature mind went "Aren't all the contraceptives the same? And is abstinence the best from of contraceptive?" Well, after the publication went out, a coop (female) from the Stratford division sent a "complaint" to the coordinator and said that she was heavily offended by my writing. I was immediately contacted and repremanded for it. I was also to give a public appology to this person for my inappropriate action. Well, public appology she got but an onset of emails came in from my readers saying that I should continue but it seemed that my mass email capabilities were limited and that I was now in the bad books in HR. And thus Lady Justice sang and it was the end of my era.