Thursday, April 20, 2006

The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself

I've been working from home yesterday and today. It's a very nice calm and relaxing environment where I can just hum to myself and get some work done. The scary part of it is that I'm all alone in this house. All I here is the humming of my harddrive and the occational pigeon that decides to give my window a make over.
There are two things that the birds annoy me with. One would be the window make over and the second is ramming full speed into my window. I don't know if I should feel sorry for the bird or laugh at it for conking itself on my window. It happens at least a few times during each summer. I'd be happily doing something in my room and a loud *THUD* would hit my window and freak the bajeeziz out of me. I would run downstairs and open up the backyard door and step out to see that the bird landed in the grass and is in the process of getting up. By the time I reach the bird, it's taken a flight to slam its head into someone else's window. I'm impressed it doesn't have some kind of mild concussion or something like that. Good thing it didn't start thinking I was its mommy.
So as I was walking back into my room, my doorbell rings with a quick urgent *ding-dong ding-dong*. I run from the hallway down to the front door (this was only 2 seconds or so) and already the gentleman in lightblue was walking back to the truck. It was the postman. I don't get they have some kind of clause that says they have to ring the door bell? Cuz I think there's no point in doing so if he's just going to ring it and turn around. Anyhow, I got my package. To my surprise, this package was ordered yesterday from Indigo. So I take the package up to my room and unravel it. I ordered two books as a present to my cousin "Think" and "Blink". They are opposites of each other. One states that crucial decisions can be made in a blink of an eye, and the other says you can't. The only dissapointing thing I have about the books are that they are slightly smuged in some sort of ink and is a bit bent. Since it's a gift for my cousin, I guess I don't have to care too much over it, but I would still prefer that it be in mint condition.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Travel is only glamorous in retrospect

Nothing really special has happened in the past little while. The newest thing about my life would most likely be, I'm watching LOST (TV series) with my girlfriend from Season 1 Episode 1.

In the past few days, I've found something very interesting about the station parking lot. For every minute I am early, there is one more column of parking space. For the station I'm going to, one column is around 10 car spots. It also means cutting down around 10 seconds of walking.....OOOOOooooooo. The only problem I find is, the entire parking lot is built under a a lot of hydro....HUGE hydro stations. The moment I step out of the car, I can hear the low humming of the wires as the electricity passes through. *bzzzz*

It seems that my friend Mark had a little Apprentice run-in earlier this week. Go to his blog and it'll be much clearer what I mean. But the gist of it is, Mark goes in with his team and instead of backing Mark up, they all keep tight lips and he was just banged up pretty hard by Mr. Trump. Foo R YIRED!!!!......ok, it's not that serious, but still, when he needed support the most, there was none. Kinda gives you that feeling of rushing the front lines solo while your comrades stay in the bunkers.

I have this thing called the metropass, it's supposed to give me unlimted usage of the transit system here in the city. There is just one minor problem, if there are no streetcars in sight, what am I paying for??!?!? In the past year or so, I've found out that getting to work and going home from work, I'm walking from my building to the nearest station (a good 10 minute walk). Not that I don't like the good excercise, it's just that one days like today, all dark, dreary, wet, I would prefer to NOT walk the 10 minute and get splashed by cars rushing through the streets. A lot of times I walk to the station, look back and all I see is a transit supervisor looking at his watch, but no streetcar in sight. Now they're raising the price of the metropass to around 100 bucks a pop. So wait, I'm not really getting full service but I'm paying money for it? This is absurd!

Very interesting event that just happened a few hours ago. I was driving home from the station on this dark, dreary, wet night. As I turn onto the small street, I see a car turn around the corner and is coming at me. The car did not have their headlights on so I found them really suspicious. I didn't head too much attention to the car until I turned into my own street, it seemed to slowly follow me onto the street. I hang a left and a quick right onto my driveway. I reach up for the garage remote and depress the far left button. A loud "WHRRRRRrrrrr...*crack crack crack*....whrrrrr..." begins and my garage door opens up. I drive into the garage and turn off the ignition. I glace at my rearview mirror and find that the mysterious car packed on the opposite curb. The silver car (Grand-AM maybe...) had turned off its ignition but no one stepped out. I proceed to my curb to pick back up the recycling box and place it neatly in my garage. The silver car was still there and no one stepped out. I close the garage door "WHRRRRRRrrrrrrrr....*crack crack*...whrrrrr...*boom*" and proceed to enter the house. I drop off my bag, hang my jacket and head upstairs to the master bedroom. I sneak to the window and peak outside, it was still there. I thought "maybe the car is just waiting for someone...." But if so, why drive with no lights? This was getting more and more scary by the moment. A quick flashlight shined on the driver side and turned off. Did that really happen? or were my eyes giving? I stand there for a minute or so and the car owner makes a mistake. *red flash* it seemed that the driver accidentally hit the break peddle. They gave away their pressence. I return to my room and switch on the computer. My room is filled with a low whiring noise. I visit the little clown's room and proceed back to the Master Bedroom. A quick white light flashes and I realize that the silver car was going into the "D" position. I continue to monitor the car while my hand gripped firmly onto my cell. The car slowly pulls away from the curb and drives off........or did it? I just checked and it is not outside anymore. I wonder what the car was doing here? Was there really a car?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Have money in your head, not your heart

So a couple days ago on the return trip home, I once again saw my nemesis in clear site. The big red monster that eats money, and then in return will spew out magical tokens used to get into the station. Again, Mr. Red was winking at me, his eye glowed of the words "Out of Service." I was about to turn and walk off when I see a lady flirt with Mr. Red. Mr. Red wasn't being responsive at all, actually he was rejecting the lady's kind offer of coins (maybe she wasn't paying him enough to get a response.....). After a few more tries, the lady stares up and looks at Mr. Red's winking eye. She looks back down and continues to try to get a response from Mr. Red. Out of the corner of my eye, a man quickly walk towards the couple. This man (I'll call him Bob) pulls from out of his pocket a magical token. *Is this guy for real? Scalping tokens?!?!?!* So he gives the token to the lady and asks for the money. The lady gives him $2.10 because that's how much a token is worth, but Bob is not satisfied, he wants $2.75 because that's the price of one non-token using trip. Didn't really make sense to me, but the lady gave him the extra 65 and went off to the booth to enter the station. In about as much time as I had to think "What the heck?" Bob already zoomed over to one of the side entrance booths where an older gentleman was having trouble with putting in the magical token into the slot. Bob whips out from no where a metropass, the all you can eat station pass, and he swipes it on the system to allow the man to enter. After the man thanks Bob and goes in, Bob reaches into the excess dispense spot on the machine and retrieves the token that fell through from the old man. Wow, this guy is impressive. Bob then looks around and walks towards the exit, I follow. As Bob reaches the exit, looking all around (maybe he's being followed by a station guard with cattleprods), he quickly swings 180 and walks straight for Mr. Red again. I smirk and quickly exit the station to my car that's parked under a hydro poll that keeps buzzing like an electric fly killer.

To follow up with the above, I was leaving from the station last night and lo and behold, Bob was there the same blue jacket and today's newspaper. Wow, he's very persistant. I wonder how much does Bob makes?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege...

Yesterday I went back to visit my University. The first stop was actually a market place just a bit north of the University grounds. The market had 2 floors and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Although the temperature was supposed to be 9 degrees celcius, plus the 50km/h west winds, it was more like -9 degrees. A lot of the vendors were actually outside in the freezing wind selling their goods. Since it was near the end of the day, they were trying to sell off everything. I ended up buying enough food for 2 weeks with $15. Unfortunately, I don't think I can eat all that food on my own. Fool am I to the bargain grabs.......

The group ended up at the University around 3ish. The first thing we did was pig out at a buffet place. We stunk of the greese and herbs there. After eating, we went to the central library, aka the Dating Centre. Much has changed in there. It used to be row after row after row of individual cubicals, but since there was such a high demand for group study areas, they took down a lot of the cubicals and turned them into long tables. We were amazed to see that 9/10 people there had laptops. It used to be such a rarity for someone to own a laptop. I guess people realized that since they could spend a few hundred more dollars they can be portable, why not? Oh, the other thing about just having tables is the open concept and the ability to be very very social in there. Further enforcing the "Dating Centre" motto. They're really defeating the purpose of going to a library to study..........

Our tour continued with my old building and a few other hangout points that we used to go to. Nothing too spectacular. Everyone was in "finals" mode, so all I did was disturb them in their trances of checking out other people in the study halls, or responding to MSN/ICQ messages. I actually found something strange, I myself do this too, but people seem to be messaging each other at the same table. I noticed 2 occurances of this, someone would type something like "So what chapter you at?" then they'd nudge that person and say "Did you get my message?" What the heck?!?!?! Ok, I did that in first year with my room mate, but I didn't follow up with a "Did you get my message?" Anyhow, FOOLS!!!!! Actually, I'd upgrade that to IDIOT status.

I returned home all exhausted and had a great game of Settler's with my friends.

Alright, who's bright idea was it to invent Daylight Savings Time (DST)? I was totally oblivious to it this morning. I woke up at 7:30 thinking it was early, but lo and behold it was actually 8:30. Big bad news for me. By the time I realized DST was in effect, I was too late already. I think I was crowned King of Stupidity for just about 10 minutes there.