Friday, March 31, 2006

Secret to Life: Replace one worry with another

Alrighty, I should have posted this yesterday (March 30th, 2006), but I got too lazy and too fraustrated to type about anything. It really seemed that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, litterally. For people that know how my bed is situated, the right side of my bed is plushed up to the wall, so I technically only have one side to get off every morning........hmmmm....that leads me to conclude that I'm always waking up on the wrong side of the bed....either that or I smack my head on the wall.
Anyhow, I woke up 30 minutes earlier than normal. As normal, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, drank my cup of H2O and started the car. It was 10 till 7 when I drove out my garage and onto the main street. It was 10 past 7 when I realized I have forgotten my metropass, no worries I thought, I'll just pay my 2.50 at the parking gate and be on my way. Well, new fact for the day, they just bumped up the fee to $6. So great, I need to look for 3.50 more in change. I look in my coin purse, and realized that I only have another 1.50. I'm missing 2 bucks. I panic. Usually there're some coins in the change compartment. I open it and to my surprise.....Canadian Tire money......what good's that going to do me?......dammit. The people in the cars behind start getting impatient. Another minute has passed, the sound of David Usher still blaring out my car window. I look all around the car, in the seats, in the cup holder, in the glove compartment, coat pocket, floor under the mats, floor under the driver's chair............OMG...what do I feel here?........a toonie....a big slimy toonie..eeeewwwww. Anyhow, I quickly put in the coins and proceed to park the car.

I walk into the station and realize that I only have one token left. No worries, I'll just buy some more at the machines. I proceed to a big red robot that has a sign on it "Out of Order"....damn, just my luck. I move on to the 2nd machine, there is a lady there fiddling with the machine. In my mind I'm thinking "Lady, welcome to the 21st century, just insert your bill there and magically it eats it and poops out tokens." After a few more seconds, the lady finally gives up and moves out of the way. I quickly step up to the red robot and eagarly feed its hunger with my 20 dollar bill. Nothing happens. Red didn't want to eat? Was red not hungry? Maybe I didn't feed it correctly. So I retract my bill from Red and straighten out the corners and proceed to try for a 2nd time. Still nothing. Red doesn't want to eat anything. After a futile third attempt, I realize that the lady wasn't from the past, but she was just not liked by the big Red....

I turned to go to the station operator. There is a lineup, no worries, just a few more minutes and I'll get my tokens. After 5 minutes, it was finally my turn. "Excuse me sir?...may I have $20 worth of tokens?" The grumpy old man responded with a "You're only allowed 2." WHAT? Are we rationing tokens now? Then I realize something, it was the 30th...the end of the month. The transit people like to ration out tokens at the end of the month, especially before they jack up the price. So I get my 2 tokens and proceed to the trains.

It is 8:10 when I finally arrived at King Station. There was a "technical malfunction" en route so I was held up for 15 minutes. I walk up to Red's brother, Red @ King. R@K greeted me with a bright red flashing sign saying "Out of Order." Great....JUST GREAT!!!! What is this? Big Red and its union decided that they weren't being paid enough or something? So again, I go to the station operator. Same story. 2 tokens. No worries, I just need to last the day then I'll have my metropass again.

The day's highlight was that my girlfriend bought tickets to a showing. The Arab-Israeli Cookbook is a documentary style play. The actors/actresses portrayed different characters that are part of the Arab-Jew conflict in Israel. They would start each character off with a recipe of sort and then they would move into a touching story. Right at the moment that things turn for the worst, they shine the light on another character and they begin with another recipe. While they introduce recipes, they're actually cooking food on the stage. Unfortunately they were not serving the food to the audience. I was deeply touched by several of the stories. If people have the chance to watch this play, I highly recommend it. 8/10 doors.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Brought to you by the number 4 OR 6

In the past week I watched two new movies, V for Vendetta and Inside Man. They were both pertty well done.

V had the dark Matrix-like feel to it. Maybe because Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) was playing V. Or maybe it was because V was produced by the Wachowski Brothers? So I did a bit of research prior to watching the film around the Guy Fawkes incident. Doing this 5 minute research let me enjoy the movie so much more. At least it brought a bit of understanding of why this "V" person wanted to blow up parliment. I don't want to give too much away, but this movie is pretty well done, story, character development, music, action, and even a bit of romance. 8/10 Doors.

The second movie I for Inside Man is a wonderful cop and robber thriller. I don't want to spoil anything at all, hence all I am saying is, it's a 10/10 doors.

Speaking of movies, I managed to live through a movie called Adaptation by Nicolas Cage. Just a really strange drama about screenwriters trying to come up with good script. There is an underlying plot around an author of a book that the screenwriter is writing about. I find many of the scenes with Nicolas Cage bare chested in bed, dreaming of certain fantasies very VERY disturbing. I'm not sure if females find him attractive and sexy that way, but I really REALLY found it way too disturbing. In the end, I didn't really find much out of the movie other than, I just watched Nicolas Cage pace around for 114 minutes. Actually...I could say that I watched him for 228 minutes because he played twins. 5/10 doors, I would've just gave it a 3, but because I like Nicolas Cage, I gave it a +2.

Only constant in Life: Change

Alright, this was weird. I was still logged into another blog that I have while I wrote this thinking it was for Door's Rant and Rave. I'm now transfering this blog over here. This was for yesterday (Monday, March 27th, 2006). *siggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Yet again the weekend has gone and past and I'm left with another memory to stack and lock into the vault. Once in a while, a stray memory slips out of the vault and decides to run a marathon in my grey matter. Depending on the content, I either chase/beat it down and lock it away again or let it run its course and enjoy the brief company.

It is strange how we know for sure that something IS for a fact. 5 centuries ago, everyone KNEW that the world was flat for a fact. 5 decades ago, everyone KNEW that after the war ended, peace was going to set in place forever, 5 years ago, everyone KNEW that the States had the tightest security. Very much with the story of many lives, we all KNEW the facts, before the truth was brought in front of us. This "truth" made us think, rethink, question ourselves, and finally accept these new facts until futher notice.

My life has been simular to this. At 5 years old, I KNEW that my house was the biggest one ever built, at 10 years old, I KNEW that all girls had kooties, at 15 years old, I KNEW that I wanted to go into computer science and program for a huge gaming company, at 20 years old, I KNEW that the dot com boom wasn't going to go *BOOM*. As time progressed, I knew one thing for certain, there was nothing I could say I knew for certain.

C'est La Vie! eh?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ill Deeds Are 2x w/ an 3v1L Word

A guidance councilor from a school I taught at once told me, "there are two types of drivers our there in life: morons and idiots." Morons are those people that speed past us, and idiots are those that drive slower than us. This is because the world revolves around us.

So why bring this up? Just that this moron this morning almost caused a major accident with me as the costar. Anyhow, en route to work this morning, we were on the slow lane doing 60 km/h and on the far lane (the 3rd one from us) has a car turning into the middle lane, suddenly out of no where a camry speeds right in the middle swirving as it went past the outter lane care and my car. As he was swirving and trying to cut me off, a truck with the brake lights on stops right in front of the middle lane casing the moron to quickly hit the brakes while swirving into my lane. All this happend in like 3 seconds or so. *HONK HOOOOOOOOOOONK* "DAMN MORON!!!!!" *waves fist in air*

I finally reach the station and kindly "stand behind the yellow line." As the train pulls to a gentle halt, the sea of people waiting in front of the doorway part to allow for the passengers to disembark before entering. As the mass of passengers leave the train, the sea of people wait impatiently and wait for the last person to disembark so that the "William Tell Overture" can begin and the magical chairs game can start. Out from the corner of my eye I see a lady, slightly chubby, with hair as dry as Harper's promises, tries to swim upstream into the train to bypass the rest of the sea. In her silly attempt, she was knocked back and sent back to the Ocean. As the last person leaves the doorway, you can hear the sound of *BANG* and "Off we go". The sea of people charge in the door with "William Tell" playing in the background as people rush in, quickly look left, then right 'AH-HA' they exclaim as they proceed to charge at their desired seat. The seats are littered with Metro News talking about some budget issue "BAH". Some people pick up the paper to read. The litter of Metro have just found a new home, the wonderful lucious salted floor. People just pick up the paper and tuck it neatly under the chair as if someone in the near future might want to read it afterwards. The chimes ring, the doors slowly closes while the voice from the booming PA screams "STOP LEANING ON THE DOOR!!!" The doors finaly close and off in the distance William Tell says "see you in 20 minutes."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

First Time Again

I think I've created and attempted to maintain at least 5 blogs in the past 2 years. I just can't seem to get myself to blog everyday, or even every other day for a matter of fact.
So here I am again, attempting to create a blog. I still have to search for my point for this "new" blog. I've had a psuedo thread posting during my University years that were based off of latin phrases. I've had a personal blog for just about what I read or watched. I have a blog that I just bizatch about life. I think each blog began and died during my different phases of life. I wonder what phase I'm going through now? Maybe it's the Oral/Anal phase that Freud described.
The main reason behind me wanting to blog again is a certain friend/co-worker I have. Mark, who is also a writer, has a wonderful blog, and has published a wicked short stories/poem book One Hand Screaming. Mark's blogs gave me a little push, but the main reason was the Wil Wheaton readings that he linked me to. I've listened to the entire reading and loved every bit and piece of it. For people that don't know who Wil Wheaton is, he is an actor that stared as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG. He has a blog WWdN or (it's temporarily down, but he has links to other spots where he updates daily). So after hearing his reading, and reading his posts, he's inspired me to start posting again.
I am still in search of something to post about. Mayhaps it shall be as the title suggests, a ranting and raving area.