Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comedy Galore

So for the past little while I've been listening to the same three and a half comedians over and over
and over again.

A long time favorite is Russell Peters. He does a bunch of race related jokes that spring quite a bit of dark truth and it's hilarious. His ability to mimic accents of the different races are incredible. No matter how many times I watch or listen to his material, I get a good chuckle.

During my days at HP, a coworker told me about a comedian called CK Louis. He is a very dark and cynical man. His jokes revolve around his life and his family. He just complains about everything his wife or daughter does. There is quite some truth in his cynicism and I just love listening to him rant over everything in life.

A new found favorite comedian is Jeff Dunham (aka Je-fuh-fuh DunHAM, the second F isn't silent). Jeff is a ventriloquist. He has a handful of persona's. Walter is a senile old croc that just bizatches about everything in life. He's that person that everyone know's at least one of. In my case...I think that'll be my friend G when he grows up.....ha ha ha. Achmed the undead terrorist is another one of his known persona's. He's the skeleton puppet with an attitude. Peanut is another persona, he's a purple woozle. I didn't know what a woozle was till I wiki'd it.......a woozle is some animal from Winnie the Pooh's realm. Peanut is just an obnoxious SOB that loves insulting people in general.

The half there is actually Wil Wheaton. I don't really deam him a comedian. He's a great actor, but he's not a full fledge comedian. I've read his books and listened to both his Gnomedex recording and the PAX07 recording. He's really hillarious and I find that he does a great job rallying the people during PAX07. I wish he'd come up to Toronto to do a speaking of some sort.

Well, back to Russell now...I'll go back to Je-fuh-fuh........and I need to listen to Jan later too.....