Tuesday, July 24, 2007


As my fingers cruise over the keys of the nc6400, all that you can hear are the tap dancing fingers around the room. The office has been converted into a dance studio of a few hundred people that all dance to a different beat. No one dance is the same one. Once in a while, the dancer decides to leap from the pad and over to the rodent where the dance is a solo work of art of shifts, scrolls and clicks.

I look over to my right and discover that the dance has somehow stopped there. The show has ended and the dancers have left the stage. The clock has struck 5 and one by one, the dancers file out.

I am left here to continue to dance. I feel that I want to continue dancing.......maybe to a different beat. A dance that has been continuing every day for the past days. A dance that will not stop till the pain goes away.