Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comedy Galore

So for the past little while I've been listening to the same three and a half comedians over and over
and over again.

A long time favorite is Russell Peters. He does a bunch of race related jokes that spring quite a bit of dark truth and it's hilarious. His ability to mimic accents of the different races are incredible. No matter how many times I watch or listen to his material, I get a good chuckle.

During my days at HP, a coworker told me about a comedian called CK Louis. He is a very dark and cynical man. His jokes revolve around his life and his family. He just complains about everything his wife or daughter does. There is quite some truth in his cynicism and I just love listening to him rant over everything in life.

A new found favorite comedian is Jeff Dunham (aka Je-fuh-fuh DunHAM, the second F isn't silent). Jeff is a ventriloquist. He has a handful of persona's. Walter is a senile old croc that just bizatches about everything in life. He's that person that everyone know's at least one of. In my case...I think that'll be my friend G when he grows up.....ha ha ha. Achmed the undead terrorist is another one of his known persona's. He's the skeleton puppet with an attitude. Peanut is another persona, he's a purple woozle. I didn't know what a woozle was till I wiki'd it.......a woozle is some animal from Winnie the Pooh's realm. Peanut is just an obnoxious SOB that loves insulting people in general.

The half there is actually Wil Wheaton. I don't really deam him a comedian. He's a great actor, but he's not a full fledge comedian. I've read his books and listened to both his Gnomedex recording and the PAX07 recording. He's really hillarious and I find that he does a great job rallying the people during PAX07. I wish he'd come up to Toronto to do a speaking of some sort.

Well, back to Russell now...I'll go back to Je-fuh-fuh........and I need to listen to Jan later too.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bzzzzt.....Still Alive.......

So lately I've been experiencing a lot of computer malfunctions. I guess it's more like people around me have been feeling their computers are almost at the FUBAR state. My computer did end up being trashed.

The run down of things are that I have a Sapphire X1950 video card. Anyone who owns one will know that it overheats like there's no tomorrow. My core temps were shooting off the wall at an average of 90 degrees C. Then without me knowing it, my fan died. I had to go out and get a third party after market fan for the video card. I got the AC Accelero X2. Stupid me for not doing research....due to the X1950 being a slightly LONGER card, the Accelero X2 doesn't cover the entire card and actually needs a new piece to compensate. This new piece (Voltage Regulator) is needed to keep the card from dying. Little did I know at that point, but in the video card died of overheating.

So now I've gone out and bought myself a new computer. It took me 2 days to setup that wonderful piece of......artwork. Hope it'll last me for another year and a bit.

All this kinda reminds me of Still Alive.......

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pop goes the....

So on the past Tuesday, I managed to tear something under my patella (knee-cap). Somehow I tore my left knee when I knelt down to show the St. John Ambulance brigade members how to strap down a casualty on the back board. It was an intense sharp pain at first like I just knelt on broken glass, then quickly it went into a burning sensation for the next 10-20 minutes.

I'm lucky to have my bro as a chiro, he was able to quickly get me checked out and an ultrasound done. I'm now waiting for the report. It does scare me to think....what if I'm going to lose the ability to use my left leg? But even if it heals now, I do believe that it will come back to haunt me in the future.....way in the future.....when I'm old and feeling all of the symptoms of past injuries. *shiver*

In other news, started watching two new television series: Flashpoint and The Mentalist. Both shows seem to have their captivating moments. Flashpoint was filmed and based in Toronto, which is the main selling point for me I guess. The Mentalist is more of a Sherlock Holmes in the present day type of mystery/crime drama. I can't wait to watch the next episodes. ^__^

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cirque du OMG

OMG....I can't believe that I just went to LV and back. In that duration of 4 nights, I saw 3 Cirque shows. I went to see the 'O' show, Zumanity and then Mystere.

'O' (Eau) Show is a beautifully done show that seems very spiritual and emotional. The music and visuals all bring out goosebumps on me (or else it's the aircon). This is a first for theatre shows to have a large pool as the stage, and water being the main all works out. There are so-called intermissions in which two clowns go about and do small joke sketches. One of them being my favorite "Aye-Yai-Yai" clown.

Zumanity was somewhat a disappointment for me. The interaction with the characters pretty much start off in the front lobby. There I met many of the cast members strutting around in character. One of the characters freaked me out when he flapped his cloak right behind me with a loud "BANG" noise. Each of the acts weren't too entertaining to me. The only entertainment was really from the side stage jokes from the jokers/jesters. It was more of a standup comedy routine to me. Just with a lot of nudity and course language. I want to trade this in for a Penn & Teller show.

Mystere was a last minute impulse purchase. We got tickets at a discount price from the local ticket discount booth (yes, an official one, not a scalper....but I guess they're just a high end scalper). This was the original Cirque show in Vegas, since 1993. The stage was very well designed and the performers pretty much utilized the entire auditorium. I really loved the joker character who goes around and messes with the audience. Right off the bat, he pretends to be an usher and starts leading unsuspecting audiences around the whole auditorium only to place them in the wrong area. The huge baby was a great laugh too, he nominated a person to be his "Papa" and through out the show, he just picked on this "Papa" audience person. I had a blast at this show. But still, La Eau was better.

All in all, I think I'd want to see KA next if I got a chance. On a side note though, I think all of the sound tracks are great.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Use the Farce before it's gone

I just found out that the Royal Canadian Air Farce (LIVE) is going offline with their series finale on December 31st, 2008 as the New Years show.

I have grown up with watching it, with "Mike from Canmore" to "Celine Dion impersonations". It brought a lot of laughs and entertaining moments.

For a couple of years, I went to the live showings in the CBC building. They had great jokes that never aired, and as well they had the live band there with great songs. It is sad to see that it will be ending and that the new cast will not be continuing the legacy.

I hope CBC might push something out that will have Jessica, Alan, Craig, and Penelope.

Maybe I'll try to get tickets to the series finale. Hope I'll have time to go see it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Recently I've been out of House MD to watch, so I've been watching some TVB episodes and I tried picking up Nip Tuck........where the Dr. Von Doom goes around doing different females on the show. Unfortunately it doesn't really appeal to me as an interesting show.

I've been lucky enough to run upon a show called Penn & Teller Bull$hit!. It is quite the fascinating show. For people that don't know who Penn & Teller are, you can either Google it, or you can just take my word that they are two world class comedian and illusionist. I've always enjoyed their humour and illusions on TV. Their TV show doesn't really do much about sleight of hand illusion tricks, but more of unraveling certain misconceptions about things around the world. It is similar to Mythbusters, but they do it in a more Michael Moore in-your-face style.

In each of the episodes, they deal with a different topic and try to debunk credibility from the side of the argument that they do not favour. I must say that everyone should take the show with a grain of salt when absorbing all the BS that is ditched out.

In the first episode, Penn explains why they use the word BS. Due to legalities, they cannot call people or groups "liars" or "swindlers", but it is absolutely fine to call it BS.

Some of my favorite episodes are: Psychics, Feng Shui, and the Holy Bible. My number one favorite one so far is the one that I will not mention. ^__^

The psychics one, Penn and Teller debunk how psychics are totally BS and they use proven techniques called Cold and Hot readings. They use their unscientific experiments to show flaws in the different psychic readers they tape. P&T even hired an ex-con artist that was able to mimic a "psychic", showing that it wasn't really much of a trick to tell people what they want to hear.

In the Feng Shui one, they hire three different Feng Shui experts to see a house and to redecorate the house so that it will bring luck and fortune. Since Feng Shui is a standardized "working" calculated art, the three Feng Shui experts should come with the similar if not same results. In the end, all three of the experts came up with totally different responses. Some responses even contradicted each other. Maybe I can just say that they learned from three different schools of Feng Shui that taught different priorities in things. Much like Tai Chi or even Wushu.

P&T is definitely one of my favorite shows at the moment. I'm hooked.....Two Thumbs Up

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sheppards Pie

I've decided for my godmother's b-day potluck, I'm going to make Sheppard's Pie. Yes.....nice Golden Yukon potatoes, some veggies, mashed together, and then spread on top of a ground beef mixture. Either that or I was going to go with the Spinach and Cheese dip.....or I can just make both.

So once again we have arrived at another day that certain retail stores love, especially the flower, chocolate, and makeup stores. Major day to shower our mothers with our love and other company goods. I've always questioned this..........why do mother's get all the fame and glory...but then on father's's just a tie...maybe a sock....or a tie clip......Father's have put a lot of effort into the making process.......just that there's the lack of carrying the child for 9-10 months.....but there is the errands...and the running around to do. I demand that fathers be paid the dearly respects........I demand we get makeup and pricy flowers too.........ok....come to think of would really be weird walking around with the flowers.......hmmm...a bunch of guys strutting around d/t with a bouquet of flowers.....hmmm.......

Or better yet.....I think a nice home cooked 5 course meal would be good enough I guess....the flowers can stay in the vase.....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Digging my Grave

There are just some times that a hole should be dug and I should just jump in there and pull the dirt over me. Yes, today is one of those days.

I'm wondering if there was a full moon last night. There were multiple car accidents en route to work this morning. Not only that, people seem to be a bit more aggressive........weird.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In due Fairness

Alright, I guess I should at least make a post on Sai Moon

Sai·Moon (n. Sahi·Moon;)
- noun
1. Name of a person
; Sai Moon Hing, character in a two novels that was a sex maniac, both were killed
2. The glutious maximus
3. A residential area during the Spring and Autumn Period

I'm actually out of ideas already...guess I'm not that much of something....sob sob sob.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Modified Posting)

(Posting has been edited)

If you missed this posting, then so be it.
As a small joke that this was, it would seem that it was in bitter taste.