Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cirque du OMG

OMG....I can't believe that I just went to LV and back. In that duration of 4 nights, I saw 3 Cirque shows. I went to see the 'O' show, Zumanity and then Mystere.

'O' (Eau) Show is a beautifully done show that seems very spiritual and emotional. The music and visuals all bring out goosebumps on me (or else it's the aircon). This is a first for theatre shows to have a large pool as the stage, and water being the main all works out. There are so-called intermissions in which two clowns go about and do small joke sketches. One of them being my favorite "Aye-Yai-Yai" clown.

Zumanity was somewhat a disappointment for me. The interaction with the characters pretty much start off in the front lobby. There I met many of the cast members strutting around in character. One of the characters freaked me out when he flapped his cloak right behind me with a loud "BANG" noise. Each of the acts weren't too entertaining to me. The only entertainment was really from the side stage jokes from the jokers/jesters. It was more of a standup comedy routine to me. Just with a lot of nudity and course language. I want to trade this in for a Penn & Teller show.

Mystere was a last minute impulse purchase. We got tickets at a discount price from the local ticket discount booth (yes, an official one, not a scalper....but I guess they're just a high end scalper). This was the original Cirque show in Vegas, since 1993. The stage was very well designed and the performers pretty much utilized the entire auditorium. I really loved the joker character who goes around and messes with the audience. Right off the bat, he pretends to be an usher and starts leading unsuspecting audiences around the whole auditorium only to place them in the wrong area. The huge baby was a great laugh too, he nominated a person to be his "Papa" and through out the show, he just picked on this "Papa" audience person. I had a blast at this show. But still, La Eau was better.

All in all, I think I'd want to see KA next if I got a chance. On a side note though, I think all of the sound tracks are great.