Thursday, June 26, 2008


Recently I've been out of House MD to watch, so I've been watching some TVB episodes and I tried picking up Nip Tuck........where the Dr. Von Doom goes around doing different females on the show. Unfortunately it doesn't really appeal to me as an interesting show.

I've been lucky enough to run upon a show called Penn & Teller Bull$hit!. It is quite the fascinating show. For people that don't know who Penn & Teller are, you can either Google it, or you can just take my word that they are two world class comedian and illusionist. I've always enjoyed their humour and illusions on TV. Their TV show doesn't really do much about sleight of hand illusion tricks, but more of unraveling certain misconceptions about things around the world. It is similar to Mythbusters, but they do it in a more Michael Moore in-your-face style.

In each of the episodes, they deal with a different topic and try to debunk credibility from the side of the argument that they do not favour. I must say that everyone should take the show with a grain of salt when absorbing all the BS that is ditched out.

In the first episode, Penn explains why they use the word BS. Due to legalities, they cannot call people or groups "liars" or "swindlers", but it is absolutely fine to call it BS.

Some of my favorite episodes are: Psychics, Feng Shui, and the Holy Bible. My number one favorite one so far is the one that I will not mention. ^__^

The psychics one, Penn and Teller debunk how psychics are totally BS and they use proven techniques called Cold and Hot readings. They use their unscientific experiments to show flaws in the different psychic readers they tape. P&T even hired an ex-con artist that was able to mimic a "psychic", showing that it wasn't really much of a trick to tell people what they want to hear.

In the Feng Shui one, they hire three different Feng Shui experts to see a house and to redecorate the house so that it will bring luck and fortune. Since Feng Shui is a standardized "working" calculated art, the three Feng Shui experts should come with the similar if not same results. In the end, all three of the experts came up with totally different responses. Some responses even contradicted each other. Maybe I can just say that they learned from three different schools of Feng Shui that taught different priorities in things. Much like Tai Chi or even Wushu.

P&T is definitely one of my favorite shows at the moment. I'm hooked.....Two Thumbs Up